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Bye bye 2022 and we welcome 2023 to witness the launch of our aspirational new app Aunest !!
Aunest is a mobile app that helps in making your gold related decisions in the form of investments as well as jewelry to celebrate your golden moments!!
Aunesty paysoff !!

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Why Aunest ?

Investing in gold is a secret passed down to us by our ancestors. It has enormous sentimental value and investment potential. In recent times, however, gold prices have been soaring, and it has become harder to acquire. To get gold, people have been resorting to unconventional and unregulated options and are often duped or misled. With Aunest, we are here to help people- young and old, men and women- to sustain the age-old tradition of trusting in gold, as an asset and investment for wealth creation.

What do we do ?

Aunest brings people, mutual fund houses, trusted jewelers and banks, together on a state-of-art and highly secure web and mobile platform, The Aunest App. With Aunest app, people can choose their favorite mutual fund houses who provide gold mutual funds where people can start investing in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / lump sum and accumulate the gold in the form of gold units. Later with the accumulated gold units, you can shop for ornaments with the trusted jewelers on Aunest. Aunest comes in handy not only in good times but also in difficult times. You can also get a gold loan from your chosen bank - all without stepping out from the comfort of your home.



Aunest is a perfect amalgamation of giving the best ecosystem to build your gold assets without compromising your jewelry aspirations. Choose a Gold fund that suits you start SIP regularly. Shop for any jewelry and for that value, you can transfer the accumulated gold units and make the jewelry yours.

Marketplace for Gold Funds

Everyone has their own needs and choices. we bring all the Gold FoF (Fund of Funds) mutual funds at one place where you can take a deep dive and make a wise investment decision. Your investments can be as low as Rs 1000 for the first time and then any multiple of Rs 1.

Gold Price fluctuation

Gold prices fluctuate on daily basis. With Aunest app you can monitor, gold prices and accumulate gold via gold units without any hassle of commute.

Safety and Superiority

Your accumulated Gold units are held by AMC (Asset Management Company) and are 100% theft free. Your holdings of gold units can be monitored by you any time. AMCs are constantly supervised by SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) and AMFI (Association of Mutual fund of India).

Marketplace for Gold Jewelry

All the masterpiece from latest collections are brought to you in HD quality images and 360° 4K videos which capture the minute detailing of the excellent workmanship. Just a step behind reality.

O2O Purchase

Online to Offline purchase - Jewelry is some thing that you want to try before you purchase, and we understand your needs. We support both online purchases and your In-store visit requests where your Wishlist collections from your app will be ready for your trial.

IFA (Instant Fund Access) Payment Method

Once the jewelry is chosen both online or offline (in store) – Just tap the IFA button on the app. With 2 step verification, the value of the purchased jewelry can be paid by your accumulated Gold units and you can carry your jewelry home without any hassle.

Marketplace for Gold Loans

Gold as an ornament helps us in the difficult times and we have taken the entire gold loan process online through our branchless model to make things more convenient than ever before for you.

Competitive Gold loan interest rate

Check out the interest rate offered by different banking partners and select the one that suits you the best.

Express loan disbursal

Book an appointment. An Aunest representative will contact you. Select the bank to take the gold loan then get your jewelry evaluated. Once the loan amount is agreed upon, it gets credited to your account. The ornament is then transferred safely by the Aunest representative to your chosen bank vault. All this is done without you stepping out of your home.


The User interface (UI) is designed keeping your needs in mind - to invest, to shop or to take a gold loan. we promise that your experience (UX) will be delightful.



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  • Gold fund marketplace
  • Gold jewelry marketplace
  • Gold loan marketplace
  • Systematic Investment Plan
  • Secure Platform
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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Aunest App.

  • How am I owning Gold without physically buying it?
    Once you invest in gold mutual funds, your money gets transferred to an AMC for fund of funds (FoF). This FoF will invest the money into Gold ETF (Exchange traded Fund) and ETF will buy the physical gold and store it in their vault on your behalf.
  • How is it better than buying physical gold?
    Cut down the number of visits to stores. Select a fund of your choice and start SIP or lumpsum your investments as low as Rs.1000/- all from your home.
  • Can I buy and sell gold at a fair price through Aunest ?
    If you have a trouble finding the fair price for your gold we are here with perfect solution. Buy and Sell Gold units at the same rate which are based on the current market NAV.
  • How does Aunest assure Gold purity?
    We at Aunest assure you 24 karat Gold with 99.5% Purity
  • How do Gold Funds reduce the risks of physical gold ownership?
    Enjoy Risk- free Storage for your precious Gold safer than owning physical gold with zero chances of theft. We reduce your risk by eliminating the hassles of owning physical gold. through Aunest, you can view all your Gold Funds online.
  • How is Gold Fund different from Digital Gold?
    Gold funds are the best investment option for you because they are highly regulated. Gold Funds Asset Management Companies (AMCs) are under constant supervision by SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India and AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India whereas digital gold is regulated by private management trustees and custodians. The choice is your. Invest in either of them, based on your judgement.

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